The Trans Junk Project


Beyond Masculinity


XX Boys
I modelled for XX Boys in June 2005. Kael T. Block is a Parisian FTM photographer who has created an on-going international photo project that emphasises the x appeal of transguys and makes us all supermodels. I'm honoured to have been one of many featured in a Parisian magazine (Tetu) article on the project and have been in XX Boy exhibits in Brussells, Seattle, and San Francisco, so far.

Trannywood Pictures
As one of the cast of several Trannywood flicks, I'm proud to be a part of this endeavour to create intelligent porn that intentionally promotes safer sex practices and attempts to further push the FTM community into the visibility of the gay men's community and the queer community at large.

Maggots and Men
An all FTM film project with units being filmed across the country. I was lucky enough to be a part of one of the San Francisco units as an extra Russian sailor.

One of my very first FTM friends and still one of my best friends. He taught me a lot and helped me tremendously through my transition. He has been around for a lot of stuff, and we have twin tattoos. Michael helped me build my first site. His site is the most expansive and informative FTM site that exists. I found my own therapist on his site many years ago.

Switch 'N Play
The site of the NYC drag troupe that was co-created by my very own drag son, Peter Bigs. New, innovative, and transtastic performance.

Anderson Toone
My honourary drag dad. It's very exciting to know someone who has done so much and continues to do more amazing stuff. A true FTM rockstar and no joke.

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