Nonfiction by Joshua Bastian Cole

Judgement Proof by Joshua Bastian Cole, May 2007
"On my left arm, in outline, stands a lion rampant."

Tarheels and Transfags by Joshua Bastian Cole, May 2007
“You are a butch woman, you dyke.”

Some Femmes Don't Wear Heels by Joshua Bastian Cole, January 2007
"So most femmes are invisible queers, right? Well, how about a transitioned FTM who passes full-time as male and part-time as straight?"

3 WORDS by Joshua Bastian Cole, July 2006

XX Boy Statement by Joshua Bastian Cole, July 2005

OUTRIGHT Application by Joshua Bastian Cole, April 2004
Here's the essay I wrote when I applied to be a facilitator of OUTRIGHT Roanoke.

Real Trans (In)Visibility by Joshua Bastian Cole, November 2005
I wrote this article for UNC Chapel Hill's Lambda Magazine, the oldest LGBTQIA affirming magazine in existence.

Girl Amongst Boys by Joshua Bastian Cole, September 2002
This is the original and unabridged version of the story that was renamed Tomboy to Femme Boy for Mary Boenke's book Trans Forming Families, Second Edition (2003).

Theatre Resume by Joshua Bastian Cole
An up-to-date listing of all my theatre involvements.


Nonfiction About Joshua Bastian Cole

Frontiers: Altered Image by Lawrence Ferber, September 2001

The Advent of J. Bastian Cole by Jessica Fenn, Winter 2003
A narrative of my coming out compiled through several interviews in November and December of 2003. Focuses on the idea of performance and my connections with Hamlet.

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